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Let's change now!


To save our planet and our health we need to change our food diets now. 

A sustainable food diet is a diet rich in plant-based foods and with fewer animal source foods. 


Our mission is to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable food diet. 

With YUMGO plant based products, we allow each of us to shift food diet today.  

Our Values

Good For the planet



Good for the health



Just good

Our Strenghts


We encourage the sharing of natural resources, for all. 


We love shared moments, together.

Our approach is to share information and be transparent (ingredients, products lifecycle, projets, ...)


We are committed to

the Respect for life and biodiversity

the Respect of the planet

the Respect of the health


We have strong scientific , technologic and business expertise


We focus on yummy products, easy and fun to use


We are agile, we adapt constantly, we change and evolve 

Our team

We are 3 cofounders, with diverse and complementary backgrounds, Anne, Anne et Rodolphe.

It all started with a collaboration between Rodolphe, baker, and Anne C, food engineer, on a project to develop plant based pastries for Rodolphe's bakeries.

They identify a gap in the current sourcing process for professionals: the lack of possibilities to source this type of solutions. 

The idea of YUMGO is born, and becomes concrete when Anne C meets Anne V, who brings them her expertise in advisory, marketing and digital. 

They started to work together to develop YUMGO.

YUMGO has the ambition to break the codes, to innovate with plant based products that support the transition towards a sustainable food system.